sothys active eye contour treatment

Refreshing, Decongesting, Protective. Designed specifically to combat the ageing of the eye contour, this intensive salon treatment incorporates specific massage movements with the latest technological active ingredients to assist in the alleviation of visible signs of ageing, puffiness and crêpey dehydration fine lines around the eye contour zone. This unique SOTHYS treatment is 100% fragrance free and ophthalmologically tested to offer outstanding results utilising a formulation of natural origin with a high skin tolerance for even the most delicate skin.

moisture surge TREATMENT

For skin in need of a dewy and radiant look, with renewed texture. This treatment is recommended for dehydrated skin helps to oxygenate, balance and soften the skin.

clarifying complexion TREATMENT

Reduces acne lesions without being drying to the skin. Deep cleansing, steaming and impurity extraction are included in this treatment. Effective in reducing sebum, redness, and pore size. Promotes smoothness and clarity of the skin.


This is a powerful clarifying technique for oily, problem skin with persistent eruptions, through to mature acneic skin which is difficult to resolve with conventional oily skin treatments. Designed to improve skin clarity while replenishing essential hydration. Gentle elimination of impurities is used to purify pores. It reduces sebum, redness, pore size, blemishes and acne lesions without drying the skin. A customized masque is applied to balance the natural function of the skin allowing the healing to begin.

THE 3-serums & collagen TREATMENT

This rejuvenating, nourishing and revitalizing facial treatment is designed to combat the signs of skin aging by restoring skin metabolism with vitamins and botanical concentrates. Skin will look firmer, younger and more luminous. The ultimate facial for skin that feels discomfort, dryness or tautness.


This 5in1 treatment combines the benefits of the Faradic Facial Muscle exercises, deep Galvanic treatment, Oxygenating Therapy, SOTHYS Collagène Hyaluronique & Active-Contour Eye & Neck treatments in one MEGA-EFFECTIVE skin & muscle toning, nourishing and reviving experience! Nearly 2-hours of ultimate therapy treatment for an instant younger skin!


Antigravity Facial Faradic Treatment

This complete facial treats both skin and facial muscles. It stimulates, firms and tones via muscle contraction, reducing fine lines and improves cell renewal.



Skin needs comfort and protection from the harsh elements. Effective antioxidants and Green Tea gives clarity and enhances the benefits of a hydrating mask thus restoring moisture. Finishing with a protective treatment that guards against UV exposure and environmental pollutants.


aromatherapy facials

Thoroughly relaxing treatments were suitable essential oils are personally chosen for you. A mild skin peel is followed by a relaxing and uplifting face, head, neck and shoulder massage with pure aromatherapy oils. A personalised natural mask is applied. This facial leaves you and your skin glowing.


time control treatment

A rejuvenating & revitalizing facial treatment designed to combat signs of premature skin aging by restoring the balance of skin with vitamins & minerals. The skin will look firmer, younger & more luminous. Formulated from natural Dead Sea mineral serums & natural principles, this is the ultimate facial for skin that feels discomfort, dryness or tightening.



Thanks to the gentle, natural exfoliating action of flower acids, this refreshing facial triggers a lightening action that reduces the synthesis of the melanin while it visibly lightens hyper-pigmented areas revealing a pure complexion.



This new customized age-reversal cosmeceutical program is the first to address the “real age” of the skin with targeted solutions offered in both the professional spa treatment and home care regime. This SOTHYS facial packs a powerful punch of peptides, antioxidants, firming collagen and hyaluronic filling agents. Reveals a more youthful skin. It is a ‘5 phase’ treatment that exfoliates and stimulates with the Mineral micro-dermabrasion Mask; Smoothes and fills in with a Hyaluronic replenish serum for an “injection-like” effect of wrinkle filling; Restructures the skin with the Elasticity revealer serum; Plumps with the Digi-Esthétique® omega-H2CR® balm; Lifts with the collagen lifting mask. It also includes the application of the adapted anti-ageing serums. Immediate result!


Hydradermie Treatment

The facial uses the Hydradermie machine.  It deep-cleanses, tones, nourishes, moisturises, firms, refines, balances, protects.


desensitizing complexion Facial

This exclusive specialised facial begins with immediate comfort to sensitive, stressed skin that cannot bear to be touched. The specialist mask not only soothes and re-balances the skin, but also increases the tolerance level of reactive skin, leaving the complexion smooth and cool.



Spent a day at the beach and your skin is very red, feels sore and you would like to calm it? This exclusive specialised facial gives immediate comfort to stressed skin that cannot bear to be touched. It  not only soothes and re-balances the skin, but also increases the tolerance level of scorched skin, leaving the complexion smooth and cool. A must after a day at the beach!

sothys immunescience anti-redness

For ultra-sensitive skin, this protective treatment soothes and calms skin from sensitivity, encouraging the strengthening of the epidermis. This breakthrough treatment soothes Rosacea-like redness.


Tiramisu Treatment

Increases the natural ‘defence system’ of skin & improves its resistance against external climatic aggressions. Lifeless complexion & skin losing its suppleness benefit greatly from this facial.


skin Renewal Facial Treatment

This facial is perfect for anyone experiencing the effects of hormonal aging, such as loss of elasticity, breakouts, and dryness caused by menopause, pregnancy or the period.


Flash Beauté Vitamin C Facial by SOTHYS

Reawaken your skin with a tropical oasis of mandarin and Vitamin C for an anti-stress treatment. A popular facial for those experiencing sun damage, pigmentation. The environment may take a toll on your skin, but now you can fight back. See immediate results in just one treatment. Luminous, softened and refreshed results!


Hydradvance Treatment by SOTHYS

A professional treatment that delivers a dual-approach to hydration leaving skin nourished and supple. Because hydration is an essential need to the skin, Sothys has created this solution to restoring the skin’s capacity to self-hydrate. The customized facial works to: exfoliate, rehydrate, regenerate, plump and rebalance the skin. The intensive treatment results in your skin looked younger after just one application.


Sebum Regulating Treatment by SOTHYS

For the very problematic skin to regain a fresh & healthy look. Deep cleansing, steaming and impurity extraction effectively reduces sebum, redness, and pore size. Regulates oily skin and promotes smoothness and clarity of the skin.


Resurfacing Peeling Treatment by SOTHYS

Detoxify, oxygenate and resurface the skin for immediate visible results. A manual micro-dermabrasion with semi-precious ruby & sapphire crystals is followed by a renewing glycolic/salicylic peel. A relaxing massage and oxygenating mask reveal a radiant, clear complexion.


Deep Cleansing Facial by SOTHYS

Focus is on reducing excessive oil production, pollution impurities, ingrained dirt, bacteria and breakouts. Includes blackhead extraction. Perfect for oily, congested and teenage skin.


fundamental facial by sothys

Gently removes every trace of surface skin leaving a clear complexion of firm cells. The use of exfoliants helps to clear superficial dirt from pores.



This facial is designed for the lady on the go. It involves cleansing, exfoliation and mask, finishing with a complimentary facial cream, the skin feels fresh and alive.